Wednesday, September 30, 2009

An Angel For You by April Higney

A gently tied bow,
ribbons, and lace,
a softened glow,
of an angel’s grace.

Carried closely to the heart,
heavenly cheers in this smiling art,
to hold it within care,
or lovingly share.

So much thought in this gentle notion,
a special angel’s comforting devotion,
to carry you through any difficult days,
or grant a smile in many ways.

A pin, but a symbol of much love,
like a sweet hand, guiding from above.
This angel, so special, for you.
Hold it closely to your heart, because you are an angel too.

April wrote this poem special for Faith's Angels
You can read and view more of her great work here:
On Associated Content
On RedBubble
You can purchase April Higney's book "Of Light, Life, and Love Poetry"


  1. You are darling - that book is as old as the hills, LOL!!! (2003) Bad format too, but you know its a good one to view if a person really wants to know of me and my poetic history!!! =) Thank you for placing it here, for sure though!! YOU FAITH ARE AN ANGEL!

  2. This is a beautiful poem from a beautiful soul. Angel has such a positive and uplifting gift, as do you Faith. Wonderful blog, thanks for sharing.