Saturday, February 13, 2010

Angels for an Angel

A call for others to be angels on earth.

This past week I had the pleasure and joy of becoming acquainted with a terrific little angel named Aiden.

Aiden or as his parents call him ‘Toot’ suffers from a rare disease called Atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (aHUS). To be honest I had never heard of aHUS until I met Aiden and his mother and had to do some internet research myself. This disease is so rare that only about 300 cases.

At this time there is no cure for aHUS which results in kidney and blood cell damage. Because the disease is most commonly transmitted as the result of both parents carrying a gene contributing to aHUS parents and family are not good possibilities for kidney transplants when needed.

So how can you be an angel for Aiden?

Prayers – I’m asking, challenging others to pray for Aiden, his family, the medical staff caring for him, and for research into this rare disease. I would love for as many as possible to leave a comment here if just ‘I’ll Pray’.

Financial AssistanceSterling Grace Jewelry has designed a sterling silver piece “Aiden’s Cross”. All proceeds from the sale of these crosses go towards aHUS research. You can get your Aiden’s Cross online HERE.

Awareness – Spread the word, share with others, and get the word out about this disease. Another challenge for you – if you are on Twitter please follow @AidensCross and get as many of your friends as possible to also follow. It’s totally free & fun!
“Seeking God's wisdom as we fight Atypical HUS”

Aiden’s Blog
- get regular updates of what is going on with the little guy.

Tales of the Toot 'Cuz special needs kids need special mamas!
Aiden’s mommy’s blog “living an abundant life in the face of a devastating illness”

Please help Aiden and others suffering with aHUS in what ever way you can. Be an angel for this little angel!



  1. I'll start this off myself. I am praying for Aiden, his family, the medical staff caring for him, and for research into this rare disease. I've actually started saying a prayer for Aiden each night along with my grandchildren.

  2. Oh, Faith. You are such an angel yourself. I am honored to know you and cannot thank you enough for taking the initiative to help spread the word in educating people about AHUS--but especially for praying and asking others to pray for Aiden. Sending much love to you!
    Christy (Aiden's Mama)

  3. I have never been so touched! Prayers have been started here in my family since we first found out about Aiden when I had the pleasure of becoming friends with his mother and the author of this fabulous article. We are ALL a FAMILY now brought together with a plan and part of our plan is to help this little boy and his family in our journey. Love you all!!

  4. It is so sad to see a child stricken with such a terrible illness. My prayers and loving energy will be going to Aiden each and every day.

  5. I too will keep Aiden & his family in my thoughts & prayers. As a mother, it's impossible to not feel empathy for families struggling through this, & knowing "there but for the grace of God" Goddaughter was born with biliary atresia & needed a new liver immediately. She was given 6 months without one. Her own mother was finally able to get through the process & be her living donor....both are doing so well now, but it was a long, frightening road, with more than a year in hospital. Fund raising, education, & getting the word out for prayers & organ donation awareness was the best way I could help, & know that you are doing a wonderful thing here for Aiden & all of those who love him! Tracy

  6. I remember reading their story on their site! I love the cross that they have created. Thank you for doing a post about Aiden and his family!

    ~Mimi from MBC