Monday, March 8, 2010

Angels in the Outfield

There are many movies about angels or involving angels in some way but one of my all time favorites is Angels in the Outfield (1994). How could you not love angels playing baseball? There are plenty of laughs in this Disney comedy but the underlying message is one to remember also.

The movie starts with two foster boys, Roger (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and his friend J.P. (Milton Davis, Jr.), who’s favorite pastime is sneaking into the stadium to watch the California Angels play ball – even though the Angels are not doing well at all.

During a visit with his father Roger asks when they will be a family again and his father responds, "I'd say when the Angels win the pennant." This prompts Roger to turn to God and in prayer asks God to help the Angels win.

Roger’s prayers are answered and the next time the boys sneak into a game Roger sees a group of angels on the field. The twist in the movie is the young boy is the only one who can see the angels.

Angels in the Outfield has a great cast of characters including Danny Glover as George Knox the Angels Manager, Tony Danza as Mel Clark the down on his luck Angels Pitcher, and Christopher Lloyd as Al "The Boss" Angel.

While rated PG my experience has been even as young as 3-4 year olds enjoy the movie and looking for the angels to appear. Great family entertainment!

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